More Pay and More Potential: Why Aesthetics Students Should Dive into Laser Training

Updated: Mar 29

It’s a reoccurring, costly service. It’s non-invasive and gaining worldwide attention. And, the icing on the cake? Estheticians are making up to 10% commission every time the service is completed.

Any guesses?

That’s right — lasers are becoming more and more popular, and we’re here for it.

According to this recent report by Allied Market Research, the global cosmetic laser market is forecasted to reach $5.4 million by 2026! At Aesthetics Academy, we encourage students to think about what this kind of growth means for their careers. Don’t YOU want a piece of that business?

With people working from home in recent years (stopping in front of the mirror more frequently) and virtual communication becoming a new norm, you can bet that more of us are noticing our every flaw on and off screen: wrinkles, sagging, faded acne scars, splotchy skin, sun spots, the list goes on! Suddenly, investing in self-care and looking good has become a top priority again.

Lasers offer so many non-invasive solutions for combatting unwanted skin issues or hair, from skin brightening to skin rejuvenation to laser hair removal. Just consider how popular laser hair removal is during bikini season! According to our Education Director of Aesthetics Mari Ramos, Intense Pulse Light (IPL) therapy or photofacials (which “put the glow back into your skin”), are also on the list of in-demand laser services right now.

Why Specialize in Lasers? The Answer is in the Commission.

Continuing your education with Aesthetic Lasers will bring your career to the next level by:

  • Providing the potential for a significant increase in income;

  • Enhancing your skill set so that clients receive laser services from you, instead of being referred to someone else;

  • Making you a more attractive hire (not all AP-level estheticians have undergone laser training);

  • Equipping you to be at the forefront of a booming sector of the aesthetics industry.

Consider this: In many settings, a provider can charge $50 to $300 for basic or advanced aesthetician services but that jumps to $500 to over $1,000 per laser service. On top of that, according to Mari, most people book more than one laser service. So you might have a client who is concerned about brown spots, tightening the skin and hair removal. When you’re paid on commission — five to 10 percent per service — this leads to a huge bump in pay!

Beyond securing a nice boost in income, adding laser experience to your list of qualifications gives clients more reason to stick with you for all of their desired procedures and also makes you more attractive to ideal employers. The truth is, as with any skin care treatment, there can be horror stories with laser procedures gone awry.

“To operate a laser, your understanding of skin — all types and colors — needs to be sharp and on point,” says Austin Altenburg, Aesthetics Academy’s director. ”This isn’t a program for someone who walked in off the street. You need to have a prior education in skincare, such as our Fundamental, Advanced Practice, or Comprehensive Aesthetics programs before taking our Aesthetic Lasers program.”

Well-trained laser technicians remain in high demand among dermatology clinics and other physicians’ offices, where it’s essential to hire professionals who’ve worked successfully with a variety of skin types and tones, and also have that personal touch with caring for clients. Sometimes, you might be the first to spot skin cancer!

Want to learn more? Read about Aesthetic Laser course specifics here.

*Prerequisites: Fundamental Aesthetics and Advanced Practice Aesthetic courses

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