“Comprehensive Aesthetics” is the Future of Aesthetics Education

Updated: May 17

Aesthetics Academy is proud to be the first aesthetics school in Minnesota to offer a two-in-one combo program on its own platform in Comprehensive Aesthetics. Comprehensive Aesthetics offers motivated students the option to register upfront for both Fundamental Aesthetics and Advanced Practice (AP) Aesthetics in a single program, moving them full speed ahead toward advanced-level esthetician licensing.

Instead of registering for courses separately, you can reap these benefits instead:

  • Ongoing, streamlined training until you graduate from the AP course;

  • Skip the expense and hassle of enrolling in two separate programs; and

  • Less chance of being left behind in an industry where many employers are already requiring an advanced practice license.

According to Aesthetics Academy Director Austin Altenburg, offering these two courses as a package is new to the aesthetics industry and it’s the way of the future. “Five years from now… hardly anyone will only do fundamental aesthetics,” he says.

Minnesota: Setting the Bar High

Our state has some of the highest standards in this industry. According to Instructor Anna McNaughton, Minnesota is currently one of the only states in the country with an advanced aesthetician license, requiring more training and experience with the dermis (second layer of skin) than others.

So naturally, this means employers here have come to expect an advanced level skill set. And, there’s more competition for the jobs you’re eyeing. Without an AP license, you could be overlooked.

Want to learn more? Read about Comprehensive Aesthetics course specifics here.

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