Changing the Face of Esthetics

“We are the voice of now and what we say and do matters. There are enough of us that can make a change on how this industry views, represents and treats others! Every person deserves to benefit from self-care, every person deserves to have the knowledge on how to take care of their skin, every person deserves to look like on the outside what they feel like on the inside. Yes, I said every person, no matter what their race, religion, socio economic status, sexual preference or gender identity. WE need to do more to make this a reality. I believe that the first place to start is in the classroom. I hate those mannequins; I despise the gender/race role we are taught from the very beginning. We also need to be more aware of our purchasing power. If enough of us stop feeding the big corps that are pushing the same agenda that esthetics and self-care is only for the rich white straight women of the world.... guess what, they will be forced to change or slowly die. I feel like I can stand on my soap box and talk about this for hours. But really none of it matters if I am not doing my best to facilitate this change “(Elshaboury, E, 2020).

This was a response I wrote to a student that asked me a question regarding inclusivity of the esthetic industry.

I stand by this statement, and I encourage my fellow industry professionals and current students, to always be thinking about this. We need to do better.

I personally use my purchasing power in my own business. I only provided treatments that are safe on all Fitzpatrick Types and carry products that have philosophies that align with my own.

Elizabeth Elshaboury, Advanced Practice Esthetician, Advanced Practice Esthetician Instructor

Instagram: @elevateskin

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