A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Everyone loves a good before & after right?! They are a great way to capture attention and interest. Photos also provide insight to other services that you provide. Whether it’s helping set expectations, assist in decision making, or providing documented proof of the value your services provide, photos are extremely important and should be an essential part of your service-providing process.

When it comes to decision-making, we all have had those clients who don't always know what they want. When they see a relatable image of a similar skin concern or problem, they may not know how to express what their desired outcome to address that problem might be. Having photos of solutions you’ve provided to other clients of yours on your social media will set you apart and showcase your work. It also provides clients a clear roadmap as to what solutions are attainable, if they work with you.

When it comes to expectation setting, the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words", is always on my mind, especially when I’m describing a peel like a Jessner or VI chemical peel, that has noticeable after-effects. Photos allow you to show your clients what they should expect immediately after their service and how the healing process will be. You can talk all day about flaking and skin shedding, but pictures of it will set realistic expectations.

And lastly, we all have that client who purchases a series of treatments and thinks they are not seeing results. Which is understandable! We look at ourselves every day and may not notice the gradual changes. BUT, while they may not see it when they look in the mirror every day, having photo documentation of the real progress your services have made allows them to see a true “before & after.”

Documenting photos adds value to you and your clients. Photos help your clients communicate to you what results they want to see. Don’t just let them tell you, let them show you! Photos also help you set expectations. Flaking and skin shedding are startling after-effects that not everyone is used to – photos give them a reference for what they should expect. And lastly, photos allow a client to see the visible impacts your services have had and keeps them coming back because they know you are the one who provides results.

Christina Schaberg, School Manager, Certified Laser Technician, Cosmetologist

Instagram: @things_about_beauty_mn

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