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Restore your skin.
Minimize sun damage and age spots.

Shine a light on a more youthful you! Through the use of light, we’ll help reduce the appearance of sun damage, age spots and skin discoloration.

All services are FDA-approved and performed with educator supervision.

How it works:

Why you'll love it:

Broadband light and intense pulsed light services use devices that expose skin to a carefully controlled intense pulsed light. This light interacts with unwanted pigments, breaking them up and allowing your body to absorb and remove them. The process also stimulates collagen and elastin production.

  • Minimizes skin discoloration associated with accumulated sun damage and age spots on the face and/or chest

  • Can also reduce the look of vascular concerns such as rosacea

  • Smoother skin texture and more even skin tone after your treatment, along with a reduction in the appearance of pores, acne, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles