Education Director of Aesthetics / Instructor

During my more than 6 years in the aesthetics industry, I've had the opportunity to master the art of creating an effective skin care plan for clients and I have extensive experience and insight into a variety of services in aesthetics. This industry is so expansive and there is always something new to learn and incorporate into your treatment plans. My personal motto is: "Create the kind of beauty you wish to see in the world!"



Instructor / Advanced Practice Esthetician

I've been in the beauty industry since 2015. I became an esthetician because I love "love," and the highest form of love you can have is self-love! I love being able to help people transform something about the exterior of themselves that they aren't fond of, and then watching that transformation ignite a sense of confidence and happiness that just gets stronger and stronger every time. That impact that my work can have on someone will always be what does it for me and why I love the beauty industry so much!



Instructor / School Manager / Cosmetologist

I have been working in the beauty industry since 2007. I went to Cosmetology school and realized my true love was skincare and I have specialized in skincare ever since.

Skincare is always changing and evolving, so it's a profession that you will never feel stagnant in. There are so many avenues and things you can do in your career!



Aesthetic Injector Instructor

I've been in the aesthetics industry for 20+ years, and I've been an injector and registered nurse since 2017. I love learning. And one of the best things about this industry is it's always changing and growing with new opportunities for injectors to grow their skillset.

Renee Headshot.png


Aesthetic Injector Instrutor

I'm an Aesthetic Nurse Injector and Certified Laser Technician with over 18 years of experience in medical aesthetics. I have a storied reputation in offering advanced injectables techniques and I have many years of professional education in facial anatomy, body shaping, and skincare. My passion for modern techniques to enhance the client experience drives me to hold continuing education in high regard. 



Student Services Manager

I have been in the beauty industry for over 5 years behind the scenes. I'm responsible for setting the student providers up for success -- that means I manage our supply chains, handle initial client consultations, and prepare our student providers to put their best foot forward when working with our wonderful clients.